GCMS, the Generic Colour Management System

Welcome to the homepage of GCMS. GCMS is meant to provide a free alternative to commercial colour management systems and printer drivers. It is in development, and at the moment most parts of are considered "alpha" quality. It is targetted at UNIX-style operating systems, but should be easily ported to other platforms. All code within this project is covered by the GNU Public License (GPL). See the file COPYING for details.

Project Status

As of release 0.1.1-alpha: Printing with absolute positioning and sizing works now. Supported printer: EPSON Stylus Color 600, 720x720dpi and 1440x720dpi. 3x8-bit and 3x16bit raw PPM RGB input files (first line: "P6") are supported. Type "./gcms" for instructions. NOTE: Only CMYK profiles work with this printer (EPSON supplies RGB ones). You can try CMYK profiles from Pantone. The output quality is not perfect, probably due to the lack of profiles in the first place.

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